"Gives students excellent tools and preparation for making a successful transition into middle school, high school or college."
Principal (Colorado)



Student and parent access to the proprietary assessment tool of the BREAKTHROUGH ENTRY℠ Program. This assessment tool was designed by a team of experts that included organizational development practitioners, counselors, psychologists, professors and students. The tool, which is based upon empirical research, will assess the strengths and weaknesses of each student during his/her previous year of school in areas such as academics, relationships, sports, extra-curricular activities and leadership skills. It will also identify various anxieties that the student might have about the transition to middle school, high school or college.

A one hour Life Coaching Session with a LIFE REVOLUTION® Coach for each student prior to the start of the school year.

A half hour Life Coaching Session with a LIFE REVOLUTION® Coach for each student 60 days after the start of the school year.

Generation of an individualized Goals List for each student. Results in a high level of buy-in from the student because it is developed jointly with the LIFE REVOLUTION® Coach.

A summary report of the assessment data that provides school administration with a snap shot of its incoming class. Customized questions to solicit additional data can be added.

All administrative details (scheduling, payments, questions, etc) will be handled by the LIFE REVOLUTION® Team.

LIFE REVOLUTION® will provide school administration with an email template that can be customized and sent to the parents of the incoming class describing the program and providing enrollment instructions.

"Working with a life coach outside of their usual teacher and parent circle helped the students set and own measurable goals. Our students felt ready to face the challenge of the next level of their education, both academically and socially."
School Administrator (Arizona)


"My daughter was really able to clarify what her goals were and develop strategies to attain them. Great concept. Great program."

"When school was not going well, he would recall goals that would help him be successful. Very professional and beneficial to my son."

"I appreciated the one on one interaction for my son. He felt very comfortable sharing his concerns and hang-ups regarding school."


"Other kids should do this because it will help them learn more about themselves, their activities and their friends for the year ahead. It is a perfect program."

"The program was great. You can open up more because the coach is not a parent or teacher. I always had a tough time setting goals. My life will be better because I now have some goals that I can follow."

"This program will help me make my life easier."

"I liked the program because it helped me prepare for school and know what to expect in High School."


$149 per student (group discounts available)

Stay Crunchy by Ronald Jenkees
If a student is not satisfied with the services provided by LIFE REVOLUTION®, that student or his/her legal guardian should contact info@LifeRevolution.com within 30 days after the conclusion of the program. We will work to resolve the concerns of the student or issue a partial refund to the payment received.

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